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Apr 18, 2016 at 10:55 AM

SAP CPS : run the jobs on selected (Test) systems



Present steup:

We have connected 200+ ABAP systems( development & test systems) to SAP CPS system to run the normal 12 houskeeping jobs.

we have creatred the job chain to run these 12 ABAP jobs on all the 200+ ABAP systems.

now we have got a request to run the report(xyzzz) on ONLY in TEST ABAP systems.

is there any simply way to determine the DEV or TEST ABAP systems for the redwood at runtime.

i am thinking.. job1 : check for DEV or TEST

job2 : run the report xyzzz

logic, if the job1 output is TEST then run the Job2.

if the job1 outpit is DEV then skip the Job2.

in ABAP system, i can find the DEV/test system by checking the RZ11 parameter "transport/systemtype"


Shridhar Gowda