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Apr 18, 2016 at 10:36 AM

UAR Provisioning action gets duplicated


Hi GRC-experts,

I am currently facing an strange behavior, when performing access requests:

we are on GRC10.1 SP12 (incl. plugin).

I executed a user creation request for our Dev-box (Testuser-ID Z_DUP) , where the workflow gets auto-approved as no stages are maintained.

I can verify the user creation in the dev-box via SU01, so everything seems ok.

However when checking the provisioning logs it looks like the provisioning action "Create user" was performed two times ??

When I take a look at SLG1 I can see the same as the user was created and afterwards the user should be created a second time and goes into error.

I checked the request via Runtime monitor in the application, activated the debug log, but was not able to find the root cause

Also the SAP Standard T-codes for workflows (SW**) didn't show me any hint for this behavior. Everything related to the workflow itself seems to work properly, is just that the provisioning engine performs the request 2 times;

Has anyone encountered the same or can someone give me some hints, what to check additionally to resolve this issue.




slg1.png (9.9 kB)