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Apr 18, 2016 at 09:41 AM

doubt on sap bex customer exit i_step = 2 ?


Hi Guys,

I have a doubt on customer exit variable in the global filter of a sap bex query. Can we write a customer exit variable on a variable to select values from a ztable ? I mean this IOBJ where we are writing the customer exit, will not have any user entry during the query execution. That is, it is independent of the user input selection and no way related to any of the query user input.

I think we can write user exit variable based on any of the user entry variable either before/after/security check, correct ?

For example If I want to select only a certain doc type's maintained in a ztable, and the query should execute only those records which have the doc_type maintained in the ztable. User will just input the year & plant during the user input variable.

Will the customer exit variable work ? Please update under which step I should write the code ? I think its i_step = 2 correct, as the customer exit should work after the user entered plant and year selection ? Please update if I am not clear.

Thank You