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Apr 18, 2016 at 06:42 AM

define fields for display list of CM02??


I apologize if this seems a simple question but I seem to be missing something essential in the definition of the display list (and I am not really the PP specialist....)

I have looked extensively in the forum and I found good information but I am stuck at the last point:

I need to change an existing layout of CM02, which is protected and not changeable.

So in out customizing system I unchecked those fields but when I want to change the "displayed fields" profile, I cannot find where to do that.

My understanding is that this profile defines how the layout is being displayed? and I understand so because I transported the unchecked "protected/unchangeable", changed the fields in our production and when I transported the protected fields again, the display went back to what it was originally.

can someone explain how the displayed fields are being set?

thank you and sorry if this is so obvious....


display list.JPG (28.4 kB)