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Apr 18, 2016 at 06:21 AM

INCOME_TAX (Data Object) : Multiple use of identical objects (TEST_RULE_1-INCOME_TAX and INCOME_TAX) in sets context/result not allowed Display Related Object (Detail) Display Help



I have a ruleset TEST_TAX_CAL with a rule for calculating the total tax of an employee.

The function for the ruleset is TEST_FUNC.

I have a structure which I want as result data object for the function. The name of the structure is TEST_RULE_1.

I am getting the above errors.

I know that total_tax should be/ can be the result data object of the function.

However, I want five fields as the result data object. Meaning the five fields which are result of each expression of the rule of the rulesets as result data objects. So the test_rule_1 structure has the five fields in it as result data object.

Is it possible, or do I need to create separate function for each rule expression as I want all the five as results of the function one after the other.

I have attached the images.