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Apr 17, 2016 at 09:42 PM

Mixed strategy group



I have a scenario where there is a multi-level BOM out of which top 3 materials are Planned materials say A, B and C.

A is at the highest level of BOM, B is the next level and C is the 3rd level in the BOM followed by other SFGs and Raw materials.

Where A is planned as MTO, B is planned as MTS with stock consideration and C is planned as MTS without considering stock. The requirement is we want to do Simulative Planning for 1 year and Operative Planning for 3 months bucket. At the same time we have capacity constraints for A and B production work centers but for C we want to run production work center to its maximum capacity.

We have monthly process orders for B and C.

What Strategy group or group mix would you suggest for such scenarios?