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linking of Eqp no. & Char. values

I need to get Char. Values for a Equipment no.

1. V_EQUI-Equnr to AUSP-OBJEK(+desired ATINN) it works in my Prod. client but not work in Dev. Client.

2. V_EQUI-Equnr to INOB-OBJEK and get CUOBJ, pass CUOBJ to AUSP-OBJEK(+desired ATINN) it works in my Dev. client but not work in Prod. Client.

although I can get this through FM/BAPI but there gets values of all Chars., not the single specified one.

kindly suggest the solution.

please refer the marked old thread (doc no-3221098), same issue was faced Mr. Jogeswara earlier.

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2 Answers

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    Apr 16, 2016 at 12:41 PM

    Hello Parveen,

    Good News, Finally I am able to show a fm-free solution to your query.

    The Table you need is KSSK_INOB (view).

    See the picture below (SE11)

    I passed the Equipment number to the field INOB_OBJEK field of this Table. (You should fill OBTAB field also with value 'EQUI' to avoid getting matching lines related to other Tables if any). See what we got.

    I got the OBJEK number which we needed to pass to AUSP table. I think the Mission has been accomplished .

    So the join is

    EQUI-EQUNR <--------------> KSSK_INOB-INOB_OBJEK

    KSSK_INOB-OBJEK <-----------------> AUSP-OBJEK



    1.JPG (37.3 kB)
    Capture.JPG (48.5 kB)
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  • Apr 16, 2016 at 11:43 AM

    Hello Parveen,

    Though it was long ago and I forgot, I now recalled that at that point, I switched to FMs and completed my developments.

    Because you are not interested in FMs a middle way solution is given below, but before that let me tell you about my finding that EQUNR is not the value to be inputted in OBJEK field of AUSP table. That was a wrong notion. We have to get OBJEK value using EQUNR field from some table which is still a dark area.

    Here comes the mid-way solution. FM: BAPI_OBJCL_GET_KEY_OF_OBJECT. Pass the Equipment number (18 digits with all its leading zeros), Table name (EQUI) and Class type (002) to the import parameters as shown below and get the OBJEK value from the output (Export parameter CLOBJECTKEYOUT).

    Pass this output value to the OBJEK field of AUSP (with your ATINN). Now you will get the values.

    Now about the observation that we are getting in DEV and not getting in PRD etc, that is because the Equipment number we are passing must be matching with some OBJEK value of some other classified object. So that observation was not correct. (Obviously in DEV and PRD different experiences will be there because the OBJEK value belongs to different object sin PRD and DEV)

    Finally, (I think you know), there are such FMs that we need not look towards Tables to get all Class and characteristic information such as...





    Capture.JPG (45.7 kB)
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