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Apr 15, 2016 at 03:03 PM

COGI questions


HI All

I have an issues with the COGI. I am not an expert in SAP so I trying to understand COGI.

The issues are below

1.The production order is being TO and release to be produce.Some of the material from TO will go in COGI even when the stock is available.

2. Some of the material will show in COGI because at the time the stock was shot,but when the material was received or produced,that material should not be in COGI anymore because the stock it's available?

3.What it generate for GR material to go in COGI? If the error for GR show,when the material is being received or post or,can be by passed?Is coming from receiving,shipping or both?

4.How COGI cleaning the error will affect the stock?

5.What is the impact of COGI on stock?I had situations where stock was showing that it's not enough to produce the prodiction order but when I TO the order I aint had any issue.Is possible that SAP will consider material in COGI as stock?

6. I read that some of the material to not be in COGi has to have the back in MRP 2.That is set up for finish goods as #2.But what is the difference between 1 and 2? What is the impact on the raw material and on the finish goods?In an environment which doesn't use repetative mfg which one is better,1 or 2, and why?

THank you in advance for your help