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Former Member
Apr 15, 2016 at 02:57 PM

Not Able to drop a table..Please help me out


While trying to delete from a table got below error:

The 'delete' statement will not be executed because the cross-database referential constraint on table 'ims24_fits..e_fit_trade' cannot be enforced. A table or constraint definition is missing in database 'global'. Contact your System Administrator.

Msg: 436, Level: 16, State: 1

Below is the details of sp_helpconstraint:

name definition created

--------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------

e_fit_trad_buy_se_459864705 DEFAULT 'N' Jun 2 2001 2:33AM * global.. FOREIGN KEY (*) REFERENCES e_fit_trade(seqno) NULL

e_fit_trad_seqno_1890925908 e_fit_trade_discrepancy_reason FOREIGN KEY (seqno) REFERENCES e_fit_trade(seqno) Mar 17 2015 11:23AM

XPK_e_fit_trade PRIMARY KEY INDEX ( seqno) : CLUSTERED, FOREIGN REFERENCE Mar 16 2015 3:47PM

The Second constraint is NULL.

It's not even letting me to delete the table.

Please advise....