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Apr 15, 2016 at 03:00 PM

HANA minimal requirements



I read the following post which says you only need little hardware for installing HANA for pure sandbox mode.

However, I'd like to install an IDES system so there's some data for the developers to work with.

Now I read 2171852 - IDES ERP 6.0 incl. EHP7 on HANA which says I need at least 512GB RAM.


  1. Can I install HANA IDES on hardware/vmware with less than the recommended specification from note 2171852?
  2. Is it startable / will I see a SAP Logon Screen?
  3. What is the bare minimum hardware requirement to make 1. and 2. work, if I don't actually need "the HANA experience"

Regards, Vanessa