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Apr 15, 2016 at 01:48 PM

Customer Projects with non billable task



we need to use customer projects with sales integration, where some tasks will include "work" lines with the Billable flag unmarked. However, in the time recording, when hours related to those non-billable tasks,are recorded, the system automatically put in the field Billable Hours the same amount, and this time-sheet will appear in the "Not invoiced times and expenses" view. I know that we could put zero in the Billable hours, but the time sheet will still appear in the "Not invoiced times and expenses" with the amount written-off.

We expected that if the task is marked as non-billable, in the time-sheet the hours would not appear as billable and additionally that time-sheet should not be taken into account for the "Not invoiced times and expenses". Is this correct?

Thanks for the inputs

Fernando Detraux