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Apr 15, 2016 at 11:04 AM

Cut over startegy for Fixed Deposits-51A


Dear Friends,

We are executing a greenfield implementation project (other modules also included alongwith Treasury) where we need to create the cut over data for Fixed Deposits-51A

We will be manually creating the BP master data and the Fixed deposit transactional data using FTR_CREATE Tcode as the data is not that much and each FD transaction is having different interest conditions.

Once we create BP master and Fixed deposit transactions using FTR_CREATE Tcode as of the cut off date, we have to run TBB1_LC for posting the flows.

Other than this, do we need to do any other setting during the cut over process?

I had read somewhere that we need to mark the flows as not relevant to posting.

Is it so? If yes, which all flows we need to mark as not relevant to posting?

We have following flows:-

1100 Investment / Increase

1120 Final Repayment

5000 TDS

5001 TDS

1200 Nominal Interest

1150 Interest Capitalization

2100 Interest Accrual

2150 Interest Accrual : Reset

Other than this, what else we have to follow so that the cut over process happens smoothly and without any issues?