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Apr 15, 2016 at 10:09 AM

Discount values incorrectly updating with negative to COPA


Hi All,

we have unique CRM-CO scenarios … where internal order gets push from CRM to ECC .. sales are going to generated posting updated to internal order.. We calculate RA calcatuion and perform settlement to COPA.

Now when we perform settlement we notice revenue, discount and cost… revenue and other posting flowing to COPA with Correct signs..However Disc Settlement is incorrectly updating in COPA with negative sign… these are values posting in controlling …

ORD XXX 979011 COS Settlement 437.98-

Profitability Analysis 979011 COS Settlement 437.98

ORD XXXX 973910 RA REV Settlement 120.16

Profitability Analysis 973910 RA REV Settlement 120.16-

ORD XXXX 973912 Disc Settlement 102.34-

Profitability Analysis 973912 Disc Settlement 102.34

Our understanding discount values posted in controlling with debit values .. it should be posted with positive values in COPA… not sure why.. I studied many forum answers and found oss note 369378 - SETTLEMENT: Sign handling during settlement in COPA… which specifying Except for sales deductions

(results analysis cost element 12)… but I am not sure it it the point here…

When I went to config notice for this discount cost elements was assigned to dis line id in Define Assignment config

In Define Update for this DIS line id it is E Revenues category ? is this wrong here.. it is discount cost but assigned revenue category.

For this method we are using POCI RA key…

Can you please suggest why these discounts are updating with negative values..