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Apr 15, 2016 at 03:32 AM

Database Auto Expansion Feature -- Issue when assigning growthby value for segment


Hi All,

We are using the Database Auto Expansion policy for our product, the current architecture is as following : A Device contains multiple segments, with monthly partitions (12 months per segment). We have successfully enabled the Auto Expansion policy for device, and the corresponding segment by issuing following commands

1. For device growthby and max size : sp_dbextend 'set', 'device', my_device, '500m', '50000m'

2. For segment growthby : sp_dbextend 'set', 'database', mydatabase, 'my_segment', '500m'

3. For segment threshold: sp_extend 'set', 'threshold', mydatabase, 'my_segment', '100m'

(Note: Because of the segments is created on same device, so we only need to set the threshold for a device, the others will be applied the same)

Everything works properly when the growthby value of segment is smaller than the current device size. But when I set the growthby value of segment equal or greater than current device size, and the Auto Expansion policy seem not work any more until we modify the device size to the value that is greater than growthby value of segment.

For example: I create a device (my_device) with 500 MB of size, and then I set the growthby value of segment (my_segment -- created on my_device ) is 512 MB. In theory, the device will grown automatically when beginning to insert the data but it did not. I also added the data to reach the threshold of segment, but again nothing happened. Would you please let me know your idea about this case ?


Khoa Tran