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Apr 15, 2016 at 12:17 AM

Overheads in PS


Hi All

I am having some difficulties on finding the overhead values and information. Simlpy, our company is calculating overheads on Budgets, ECPs, Plan Costs, and Actuals. We would like to build a report on overheads and other costs as well.

Now, I heard that COSS is the table for overhead costs. There are some business transactions which I could find might be relevant with Overheads but I cannot be sure of which ones are relevant for the reporting and which one is which.

  • KAFD External data transfer
  • KAMV Manual cost allocation
  • KEKZ Unit costing (overhead)
  • KOAL Actual settlement of IAA
  • KOAO Actual settlement
  • KZPI Actual overhead (periodic)
  • RKIU Actual Overhead Assessment
  • RKIV Actual Overhead Distribution

Now, I need help on the following topics:

1) Which business transactions and which fields in COSS tabel should I use to extract the Budget/Plan ECP/Plan Costs on NW/Actual Overhead Cost amounts

2) Is there a better way to do that? ie A standard extractor, a FM etc. ?

3) COSS table has too many columns on it, which column should I extract the corresponsing Overhead Value?

Many thanks in advance.


Savas Yazici