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Apr 14, 2016 at 05:58 PM

Detail variable in merged query has no values


I have merged two queries in Webi based on CustNos. Now I want to add dimensions from query2 and have created detail variables for each and have attempted to associate them to the merged dimension. However when I close the detail variable properties box, and reopen it, the associated dimension is not saved and returns to the original "Select dimension". I can select the specific dimension from query2 and it will save but when I attempt to display the detail variable in the results, no value is displayed.


CustNo Addr 521 Wyz Main 655 234 5th Ave 750 789 10th Street


Cust_ID CY MR 521 03 ED101 655 06 BD201 750 03 CA101

Desired Merged Results

Cust Addr CY MR 521 Wyz Main 03 ED101 655 234 5Th Ave 06 BD201 750 789 10TH Street 03 CA101

What I'm actually getting with Detail variables

CustNo Addr CY MR 521 Wyz Main 655 234 5th Ave 750 789 10TH Street