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Apr 14, 2016 at 02:02 PM

PowerBuilder App runs slower when called by windows service


Hi there!

We have an application that runs normally when called direct from command line or from explorer, but when called from a Windows Service it runs twice slower.

When we call the application normally it runs in 20 seconds. Called by a Windows Service made in .net 4.5.1 it expend almost 1 minute.

I started a profiler and saw that all the difference is when datastore.decribe is called using the evaluation function. An example of the call: lds_Calc.Describe ( 'Evaluate ("mod(200,10)", 1)')

Analyzing the execution using procmon of sysinternals the both execution do the same thing in the same order, but between the events couch by procmon the gap is grater when running form a Windows Service call. Analyzing the CPU usage, it is on 100% percent on those gaps.

It is doing something else that I cannot get it.

It happens in PowerBuilder 10 and PowerBuilder 12.6 as well.

Anyone have an idea of what is happening?

I would appreciate any kind of help!