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Apr 14, 2016 at 01:35 PM

Repacking Task - Packaging Specification


Hi ,

I am trying to replicate a scenario .

We are receiving a complete HU from High rack and moved to work center for repacking .

After the repacking the remaining product move to the High rack and the rest to the destination bin ( Floor Rack ) .

For example : Due to replenishment the task is generated to move the Product to floor but the complete Hu is not moved .

Rather , they are moved to work center and broken down according the packaging specification , In the example , the replenishment is for 2 pc and the available quantity in the high rack is moved to Work center , now here I take 2 pc and move the rest back to storage type (high Rack ) .

I am able to replicate the same in the system with LOSC ad POSC , but breaking the HU automatically by the system is an issue .

The HU is not getting broken into the two HU , one is the HU we received from the source and other task that should break the HU into 2 pc and for he same the system should deconsolidate . It should leave with 98 in one HU and other with 2 pc in a special bin .

Attached the screen shot of the packaging specification and the how it is reflecting the Work center.

Please Suggest .


pack spec 1.PNG (49.6 kB)
Pack spec.PNG (39.0 kB)