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Apr 14, 2016 at 01:26 PM

Career in SAP: Different aspects of Job profile when working in SAP field.


Hello SAPian’s,

Let’s discuss about the different aspects/roles of job profile when working on SAP platform.

Below might be some of the SAP Job Profiles in the current market (excluding the Freelancer kind):

  1. Implementation project consultant – this type of consultant knows virtually everything about their specific module. Is a problem solver😎, will face clients daily, understand requirements, prepare BBP and implement the same in SAP with or without customization. Will work round the clock to achieve project deadlines. Is responsible for the project from ‘kick off’ meeting till the ‘Go-live’ phase. Certainly a place for experienced SAP consultants with more than 5+ years of Experience with implementation expertise.

2. Support project consultant- this type will work in shifts to support clients and will mostly work on offshore support projects. Comes in picture after the implementation to resolve later issues which may include daily bug fixing, minor config changes and handling future expansions.😊 Will work till end of AMC with client or is an in-house support consultant. Mostly a place for an SAP Fresher or with normal experience.

3. Master data maintenance Analyst: This type will be maintaining master data for the whole time. Material master, vendor master, G/L account maintenance, you name it and they have ready BDC’s, LSMW’s, custom mass update programs for the same. Will have a pile of data maintenance tickets in their queue. Can spend most of his time hitting the “Enter key” and updating records.😢

4. First level support/Testing Engineer: This type will include people with less exposure to SAP or even include Fresher SAP consultants with maybe poor placement assistance. Will spend time solving user end issues, forwarding tickets to Second/third level support team, has limited accesses in the system and will mostly focus on Business processes rather than SAP config. May also be part of testing’s before Go-live and during major SAP releases/upgrades.

Everyone from the above 4 categories will call themselves an SAP Consultant 🤣 regardless of the profile, does it hold true?

Question here would be: To become an Expert consultant like the 1st, does everyone need to go through all other phases? What will be the guiding light for rest of the consultants/engineers to achieve the implementation scenario? I bet everyone wants to work on implementation projects!

I believe that exposure of current project, client has got to do much with the Experience and knowledge you gain, but nowadays luck factor 😕plays an important role as you don’t know what’s in the box for you. This may vary according to the country you are in.

May be you can get an awesome project which may boost your career in a year or can get you stuck in the same boring repetitive work profile 😠for years!

Any comments on this?