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Apr 14, 2016 at 01:03 PM

Batch status management not working properly


Hi !!!

A have done all steps for activating Batch status management but it not working properly. In production tcode COR6N for Process order confirmation when we use "Batch determination" button Batch status management is working. For automatic use and assessment of batch due to SAP FEFO method everything is ok (system don't use restricted batch, in tcode MMBE for Stock Overview batch is restricted). But if we choose to manually use and assessment batch Batch status management is not working because we can use restricted batch for Process order confirmation.

We have even change System massage in tcode OMCQ (Settings for System Messages) to “E- Error Message” for M7665 and M7670 Batch & has the status <restricted-use>.

What is happening and where is error ?!