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Feb 28, 2006 at 08:09 PM

sales order output type is on header level, but output trigger is based on


line item user status.........

Order Confirmation is sent to the customer once confirmed.

Depending on the scenario and the systems involved in the process, the trigger to send the Order Confirmation from SAP is differ. The user status will be used as the trigger, however different statuses will be used depending on the scenario.

Client wants all items on a Sales Order to appear on the Order Confirmation. What this means is that once an Order Confirmation is triggered at the item level an Order Confirmation will be issued and include all items on the Order.

For example, a sales order (123) contains 3 items (10, 20 & 30). The first item (10) is passed user status (which required triggering an output) and the status is updated, the other two items were not passed to that user status which required triggering the output. The output should be issued based on one item meeting the qualifying criteria . The Order Confirmation should contain all 3 items. The first item (10) will show on the Order Confirmation as confirmed qty on a specific date at a specific price. Items 20 and 30 will show on the Order Confirmation as “Pending”. When the second and or third items are confirmed, another Order Confirmation will be issued showing again all 3 items and the whether they have been confirmed.