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Apr 14, 2016 at 09:55 AM

To resolve a #MULTIVALUE error


Hi everyone,

I have 4 objects in a report, say, Order_id, Unit_id, Is_Accepted (either Y or N), Count_Accepted.

I need to count number of accepted units for a particular order. But when I am using the formula:

Count_Accepted=If ([Is_Accepted])="Y" Then Count([Unit_id]) ,

I am getting a multivalue_error for all those orders which have both accepted & unaccepted units for them, unlike those orders which have either all Y values or all N values of Is_Accepted for all the Unit_id.

I have tried ForEach & ForAll and also feel aggregation isn't the key here.

So can anyone provide a resolution for this error ?

Much thanks in advance.