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Apr 13, 2016 at 01:30 PM

Change Category Axis properties in webi BO 4.1 chart


Hi All,

I have 2 issues in BO 4.1 Webi chart, Please help me.


On category axis I have 3 fields. 1, [Year] 2, [Week Number] 3, [Last day of Week]. I want to display Last day of week in 45 degree angle. There are only 2 options in Chart properties orientation either I have to select Automatic or Vertical Lettering. How can I display in 45 degree angle ?


In the chart I do not want to display [Week Number], But when I remove [Week Number] sort is not working, Chart is displaying [Last day of Week] in random way. whereas in table we can hide [Week Number] so sort will work for [Last day of Week] but when I convert same table to chart sort is not working. To work sort I need to add [Week Number], Is there any option to sort based on [Last day of Week] without [Week Number]. (here custom sort will not work because there are many values for [Last day of Week]). Please check attachment for screen shots.

Thanks !!


Chart_error_1.jpg (83.1 kB)
Chart_error_1.jpg (83.1 kB)