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Former Member
Apr 13, 2016 at 09:14 AM

Send UPDATEs through HANA-Output-Adapter


Hi everyone,

i got a little problem which should be simple to fix. ( at least I hope so).

All I want is to send data updates into HANA using the HANA-Output-adapter. But I only can make inserts. At each row coming through the flex (stream) which should be updated going into the adapter I get a "bad row".

In the flex-adapter I set the opCode to "upsert" in the output command.

The HANA-Table as a key column and the data seams correct in ESP.

What it should look like:

Flex stream -> HANA Output-Adapter -> ---- UPDATE ----> HANA table

Is there another way to mark an event as an update for HANA?