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How to have Fixed Quantity in Sales Order Line item - Without Devlopment

Hi Expert,

Please suggest the solution with Customization and with out using Development

Our client requirement is to make the Sales order line item quantity as fixed. In other wards the sales order line item for a particular material must be a predefined quantity, for ex:

Item 10 - Material "A1" - whenever ordered, must be 10 Qty ONLY,not less than that or not more than that,

Item 20 - Material "B1" - whenever ordered, must be 35 Qty ONLY,not less than that or not more than that,

Hope, I have explained the requirement.


@ Moderator , I have search the forum and found that it can be achieved through ABAP Development only. However we are looking for the solution through customization,

Hope this discussion will not be locked, so as to encourage our expert member to come up with innovative solution.

Warm Regards

Suresh G

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5 Answers

  • Apr 13, 2016 at 01:31 AM

    What is the business reason behind this requirement? It does not make a lot of sense: this is not about insufficient quantities/quotas, it is not about min/max values in a document, what they ask, would lead to users entering multiple items of the same material in the same document, which potentially causes issues in further processing (e.g. billing).

    What have you tried so far in the system to achieve the requirement in addition to searching the web and posting the business requirement in the forum?

    At the moment I can think of at least 3 possible ways to achieve what you ask without a single line of ABAP code (considering that it is 4 AM in my timezone, there can be a lot more than 3 options).

    However, spec dumping/spoon-feeding in SCN is generally discouraged, so maybe if you share some of your ideas on how this can be done and with which part of the solution you face problems, the forum members would be more willing to help you.

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    • You explain the technical aspect, not the business process. The reason to ask about the business logic was to filter out the most meaningful solution as my ideas are very different as approach. In addition I pointed out a potential problem, which you may face... if you fulfill the requirement in its current form.

      There is a difference between asking for help/brainstorming after trying out different things in your system and getting stuck at some point compared to entering the requirement in the forum and asking for a solution.

      SCN contribution is voluntarily, so, unlike paid SAP support, forum members have the luxury to pick which threads to engage in. And many active members seem to prefer helping out people who show that they have made efforts to fulfill the requirement.

      Come on, you must have tried at least something before you posted, even if it did not work out well 😊.

  • Apr 14, 2016 at 07:41 AM


    How the orders are getting created in your system ?

    Users are manually keying in the orders or Idoc used for order creation or any other method ?

    If users are keying in the order then they are expected to enter quantity or they want it to be populated by system automatically which can not be edited later...?

    If Idocs are used then is it possible to get the exact quantity through Idoc depending on material.

    Some points to explore would be :

    1) To check if you can use min. order quantity from MMR.

    2) Rounding profile in MMR

    3) Alternate sales unit of measure in MMR

    e.g. 1PC------>1PC

    1 PAC------->10 PC

    Base unit PAC and sales unit PC

    User entered 1 system automatically converted into 10 PC



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  • Apr 14, 2016 at 11:17 AM

    Hi Suresh,

    It wud be great if you share the business process you are dealing with or in what scenario said requirement is applicable.

    Pls. check if below options work for you-

    taking example of your first item Material A1

    • Material Master set up - Sales Org 1 view
      • Set up 'Min Order Qty' as 10
        • In this case, when you will enter quantity less than '10' in sales order, It shall give warning message with Message code V4 082. saying ' Take Min Order Qty 10EA into account for Item No XX.'
      • Set up 'Delivery Unit' as 10
        • When you enter any value greater than 10 in sales order, this shall give you a warning message with code V4 081 saying- 'consider delivery unit as 10EA in Item XX'
          • Drawback (as for your case) of this is user can enter any value with multiple of 10.
    • NOW, what you can do is go to transaction OVAH and convert the above Warning Messages into Error Message. It shall atleast restrict user from entering any value less than 10. Still user can enter any value with multiple of 10 like 20, 30, 40.....
  • NEXT we want to control the Max Order Quanitity which in this case is 10. I can't recollect if we have any such functionality which can restrict user from entering more 'X' quantity.
  • Alternatively

    you can have a Quantity contract in place which user can use to refer and it shall copy exact quantity you wish to deliver to the customer.

    Hope it helps. Many thanks



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    Apr 15, 2016 at 02:00 PM


    Did you try to create a contract with this fix quantities and later create new Sales Order with Contract reference?

    Create Contract tcode = VA41



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  • Apr 15, 2016 at 02:30 PM

    Did you try the 'Item Proposal'?

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