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Apr 12, 2016 at 03:31 PM

SAP Disclosure : Connect SAP BPC options


Hi Friends,

I am looking to find out the best possible option to connect SAP BPC with SAP Disclosure Management, I did some analysis on this through some valuable SCN information. However, I have some doubts to clarify.

1. I found a thread - Refresh SAP BPC Reports automatically within SA... | SCN

Q->How would content refresh option refresh the data cache when the excel file is not connected with BPC via addin.

My Understanding - We need to login into BPC by using EPM addin and then refresh the report manually and then it will work. After save and close the excel file, when we again open the excel file, we need to again login via addin and refresh it.

2. Secure Data Integration between SAP BusinessObjects - Scheduling a BPC report and distribute the output to a shared directory in DM Server. The process involves more steps to update data in DM which makes it little vulnerable.

3. BW Connector - Build BEX queries on top of BPC models. This allow content refresh option from web link.

Please share your inputs. Thanks.

Best Regards,