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Apr 12, 2016 at 03:42 PM

Value from a field disappears once Quick Create loads properly in SAP C4C


Hi Experts,

We are implementing Copy control fucntionality in standard sales quote, by adding an embedded component and opening QC of custom contract, and we are trying to bring sales quote ID from the sales quotes header to our own created one ID field as shown in screenshots,

we created inports and binded ID field to standard outport field,

we are facing one problem as in our QC value is coming on load but once QC gets load properly value disappears automatically,

and we are not able to fetch that by debugging also could you please let us know the possible reasons behind it.

i am attaching all the possible relevant screenshots :

1. value coming on click of new button

2. once it loads properly value disappears:-

3. inport in embedded component

4. outport in EC

5. query

6. QC inport

6. standard outport




copy control.jpg (157.0 kB)
copy control 1.jpg (159.9 kB)
copy control 2.PNG (88.8 kB)
copy control 3.PNG (90.1 kB)
copy control 4.PNG (107.1 kB)
copy control 5.PNG (98.3 kB)
copy control 6.PNG (107.6 kB)