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Apr 12, 2016 at 01:57 PM

PREP_CONFIGURATION/EXTRACTKRN_2ND : 'Could not determine kernel library name from path '/usr/sap/T61/SUM/abap/exe_2nd'



We just started a DMO Procedure (SUM SP16) in order to migrate SAP ECC6 ehp7 running on database DB2/400 and platform as400_pase_64 to HANA SPS11 Database

As you may know, during the DMO procedure several kernels are needed

  • Kernel for platform 'as400_pase_64' and database 'DB2/400' extracted to directory '/usr/sap/T61/SUM/abap/exe'
  • Kernel for platform 'as400_pase_64' and database 'HDB' exctracted to directory '/usr/sap/T61/SUM/abap/exe_2nd'

During the first extraction to dans /usr/sap/T61/SUM/abap/exe the ILE library is created :

Unfortunatly during the second extraction, the ILE Library is not recreated, /usr/sap/T61/SUM/abap/exe_2nd (kernel for platform 'as400_pase_64' and database 'HDB')

Therefore we are being faced by the following error :

...started at 20160407172617
# Using phase log file 'EXTRKRN2ND.LOG'.
..finished at 20160407172708 with status ABORTED.
# Error message set: 'Could not determine kernel library name from path '/usr/sap/T61/SUM/abap/exe_2nd'.'

We tried to copy manually the file .ilelibSAPT61UPG to the second kernel , it didnt work

Then we tried to create the missing file using the touch command as suggested by sap note, but it didnt work, 2233497 - IBM i: Additional Information - Software Update Manager 1.0 SP16

We opened a sap customer call, with no anser so far.

We have very limited experience with IBM i, so any suggestion/help would be appreciated

Thank you


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