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Apr 12, 2016 at 11:11 AM

FAGLFLEXT Retraction - Only valid GL accounts by company code



In our implementation we retract the planning results to SAP ERP Flexible ledger and run into problems where a user has selected a GL account that has not been created in that company code (ie there is no SKB1 record) - the record is not retracted to the FAGLFLEXT table and then there is an imbalance between ERP and BPC. So we have had to put a custom check in so that we are aware that there will be an imbalance between BPC and ERP. However I would like to prevent a user planning against an invalid combination of GL account and Company code as getting around the imbalance once it exists (even as a NIL value is very difficult). How can a check be done at time of loading plan values (either through an input schedule or data manager package) that ensures on valid combinations are planned against.

Regards, Arlene