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Former Member
Apr 12, 2016 at 11:49 AM

Pragmas and Pseudo-comments headache



I have the following error in the ATC:

Title: Extended Program Check

Message: Structural Enhancement by Customer (Very Serious Problem)

Priority: 2

Syntax check warning After a structure enhancement, the assignment or comparison may no longer be permitted. syntactically incorrect. Internal message code: MESSAGE G:M

As it is priority 2, it will cause ATC to block any transport request that includes the program.

The program can be as simplified as this one:

REPORT ztest.

DATA: wa_mepoheader TYPE bapi_te_mepoheader,

wa_extensionin TYPE bapiparex.

MOVE wa_mepoheader TO wa_extensionin-valuepart1.

It seems I cannot set any Pragma/Pseudo-comment to avoid this block. How I am, then, suppossed to transport the program (Without disabling ATC in its transaction)?

Thanks in advance,

Eloi Rossell