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Apr 12, 2016 at 06:56 AM

Message M7 667 error during goods issue



I am experiencing an issue in Production system. During GI (Mvt type 201) I am getting an error message no M7 667. However, when tested in Quality system, I am getting a warning message no M7 667. Message is same (M7 667), but in Quality system it is Warning and in Production system it is Error. I checked the configuration and master data, both are same in Quality and Production system.

Configuration settings - In OMJ5, best before date check is activated for the plant.

best before date check is blank for mvt type 201.

In OMCQ, M7 667 message category is 'W'.

Above configuration is same in Quality and Production system. Master data is also same. I tried but was not able to locate the root cause. I don't have debugging authorization in Production, so can not debug.

Apart from above settings, is there any other configuration which is causing error message during GI ? Am I missing anything ? Why system is issuing error message in Production and warning message in Quality for same set of configuration and master data ?