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Apr 12, 2016 at 04:56 AM

Character translation in non unicode system


Good day.

We have a non Unicode SAP system. We receive data from webservices that is in Unicode format. The data is received in an XSTRING. So far so good. The XSTRING data is valid and readable but not all characters can be stored in the non Unicode SAP system.

I can do a Unicode to non Unicode conversion. The data is converted into STRING format. All characters that are valid in the system code page are OK. Characters that can no be converted could be replaced by a '#' character. Example: When the input data holds the Unicode 'ů' character it will be converted to '#'.

Is it possible to have 'ů' converted to 'u' ? This is an example character but the are more characters to be converted. The same happens in SAP frontend. When you type the character 'ů' in a SAPgui transaction on a non Unicode system it will be converted to 'u'.

Best regards Jack