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Feb 28, 2006 at 01:00 PM

Failed update CRM user status from .NET webservice


Hi all,

I need help here.

I have created FM in CRM and also create .NET Webservice

using SAP Connector. This function is to update document

in CRM, including update User Status.

We have tested this Function in CRM, and it works fine.

It can update the user status in CRM document.

But, when it runs from webservice (passing data from

webservice) it doesn't work !

The strange thing is, other data (like Partner, External

reference, date) updated correctly. Except User Status!?

We have debugged the webservice when passing the table

records to FM. Everthings looks fine.

Using the (exactly) same data, test the FM directly in

CRM, it works (user status gets updated).

Please need your advice immediately.