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Apr 11, 2016 at 08:26 PM

Movement type 413-Transfer from Unrestricted stock to Sales Order st (non valu)


Hi Gurus

We use non valuated sales order scenario for doing Advance Unit Replacement scenario.

In Advance Unit Replacement scenario, we receive the customer stock through movement type (MT) 653 E and keep it as non valuated sales order stock .

In Advance Unit Replacement scenario as a condition with the customer, we have to first send replacement and that stock could be NEW or Refurbished.

When we deliver the stock to the customer (replacement mentioned above) we use movement type 601 E. At that time I got the error no sales order stock exist.

So I used MB11 and assign MT 413 and (not E) through I tried to transfer one pc from unrestricted stock to Sales Order stock E.

When I was to save I got the error " KI 235 consumption entry requires a cost object"

I temporarily assigned a cost center to the consumption account and then tried to post for 100$

Dr. 510000 -Mat cons 100$ with cost center: X001 and Sales Order number 400001 and SO line item 10000

Cr. Inventory 100$

I saw in the consumption GL account both cost center and sales order number were shown as cost object.

I displayed the sales order line item through VA03 I could display the debit amount of 100$

Why cost center and sales order is shown cost object and I think cost center is the real object and sales order is statistical object,

I tried to settle the sales order with RA key ( T code KKA3 I could calculate and through VA88 I settled Sales Order to COPA)

Dr. PSG Cr. SO for 100$


Why cost center is debited when I transferred to Sales Order Stock from unrestricted stock

When I could move the costs from Sales Order to COPA, system behaved Sales Order is the true object by crediting SO and Debiting


What is the fate of debit in the Cost Center

I expect to issue consumption directly to Sales Order (True Account Assignment) and not to Cost Center which is not needed.

Please help urgently and we are in UAT