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Apr 11, 2016 at 02:33 PM

Event Handler not called


Hi experts,

I have a Problem that my Event Handler is not triggered. I know, there are many discussions about that issue in scn but I think, I they couldn't help me.

I have a view-class cl_view with an event event_ucomm_fired and a method on_user_command where I raise the event event_ucomm_fired.

In my ctrl-class I create an event handler handle_ucomm (is defined as an event handler for event event_ucomm_fired and klass cl_view).

In the constructor of my ctrl-class I create an instance mo_view of cl_view and register the event handler via set handler me->handle_ucomm for mo_view.

But, when the event is raised in on_user_command, the event handler handle_ucomm will not be called? I have no idea what’s wrong.

Anybody any idea?

Thanks and BR,