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Apr 11, 2016 at 12:28 PM

Bind to a table rows


Hi All,

I am a SAPUI5 newbie and facing some issues with my first Fiori App. I want to bind a control to a table from our backend system. Lets say that I have binded the current view to a "Trip" model and now if I want to bind a control to "Countries" table from backend how can i do that. How can i show values from country table in a control used in XML views. I have already tried the below code but the select control is coming as blank with no item in items aggregation.

<Select xmlns:sap.ui.core="sap.ui.core" selectedItem="Element sap.ui.core.ListItem#__item3"

selectedKey="item1" selectedItemId="__item3" id="lstDestination"

items="{path: 'CountryCollection'}">

<sap.ui.core:Item key="{LAND1}" text="{INTCA3}" />


Thanks a lot.