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Apr 11, 2016 at 11:20 AM

Electronic bank statement: create unallocated item on customer account


Hi all,

My client uses a bank that provides electronic bank (EB) statements with little information about the invoices that are paid by their customers. So instead of possible automatically clearing line items from their customer accounts, they want to post receipts immediately onto the customer accounts as a credit line item without any user intervention needed in FEBAN. Outside of the banking process they will then sort out which invoices have to be cleared.

The EB module does support to post on sub ledger accounts, but what is the requirement for this to work fully automatic without any post-processing needed in FEBAN?

My specific questions:

1) Is it indeed confirmed that the EB module can make a posting like this:

Dr Bank

Cr Customer X

2) For this to work, EB must at least be able to identify the customer from the bank details. I imagine this could be done via the payers bank account, which would in that case have to be maintained in the customer master record.

Is this a correct assumption or are there other ways for SAP to identify customers?

3) Is is confirmed that the above will result in a fully posted bank statement line item without any post-processing activities needed or is FEBAN post-processing always needed?