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Apr 10, 2016 at 06:20 AM

Reschedule operations that are not completed in Previous order in PM orders form maintenance plans


Hi friends,

Im new in PM module so I hope help me.

Imagine that I have a maintenance plan , in IP10 I have schedule plans for my tasks.

2 operations are assigned to the tasks , in maintenance package the first operation is 1 M and second operation is 3 M.

First time that I release the first line of plans in ip10 ,system create an order, in this order I have both operations , but I just set CNF status for the first operation and left the second status empty and TECO the order because completions is required.

For the next month (next line that is scheduled in IP10) , when I release it , I just have the first operation but I want system define that the second operation had not been completed in the last month and repeat it in this month.

Can anybody help me?

Is there any customizing?

Thanks for your helps.