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Apr 09, 2016 at 06:53 PM

SAP 7.01 with Oracle 12c - JDBC Error



Recently the Oracle DB was upgraded to Oracle 12c. But after upgrade, when we try to deploy WDJ applications on our SAP NW 7.01 server, we get the following error:

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver.

The jar files used by the application was ojdbc14.jar. But it could be used with only jdk 1.4 only. As mentioned in the following link:

In Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (12.1), Oracle JDBC drivers no longer support JDK 1.4.x or earlier versions.

But when I use ojdb6.jar for Oracle 12c I get build error:

class file has wrong version 50.0, should be 48.0

Please remove or make sure it appears in the correct subdirectory of the classpath.

import oracle.jdbc.driver..OracleDriver.

I am unable to deploy any application because if this error.