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Apr 08, 2016 at 03:17 PM

Bookmark management when new version of the application


Hello community,

We are facing an issue concerning the bookmark of an application.

We are our application in Production Environment, and users can create their own bookmarks to save their filters etc...

But we are still working on this same application so we will use Promotion Management to push updated version of the application on the BI Platform Production.

When the application is updated, all the bookmarks are lost because bookmark are dependent on application version.

Issue : our users lose all their bookmarks and have to do it again after each new version...

How can we avoid this ? We read about Fragment bookmark and try this solution by saving our main container, but it didn't work. Fragment all the component and their script.

But in the new version, the script is not the same anymore for some component. And Fragment bookmarks load the old version of the script...

In your application, how do you manage this issue ?

How can we keep users bookmarks when we push a new version of an application on BI Platform ?

Thanks all for your participation in this discussion.