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Apr 08, 2016 at 10:36 AM

Virtual Provider or Composite Provider



I have created a HANA view (SPS10), and want to use the same in BW (SP05) for BEx reporting.

Option 1:

Create a virtual provider on HANA calc view --> assign to a Multiprovider --> create BEx queries

Pros: Info object navigational attributes can be used in BEx

Cons: BEx variables can not be mapped to HANA calc view input parameters, to fetch only selected data.

Option 2:

Create a Composite provider on HANA calc view --> create BEx queries

Pros: less number of layers as composite provider and BEx reports only

Cons: Navigational attributes can not be used.

Question 1-

What would be suggested - Virtual provider or Composite provider

In it is also recommended to use composite for better performance With SAP BW 7.4 SPS5 and higher.

Creating VirtualProviders Based on an SAP HANA Model - Modeling - SAP Library

Question 2-

In case of virtual provider, how variables can be mapped to input parameter.

Question 3-

Any better way for better performance. HANA has huge amount of data (around 20 mio records)