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Apr 08, 2016 at 09:05 AM

Setting the selection on the double-click event of ALV grid



I have a requirement that I am working on and looking for some pointers for one of the issues that I am facing now.

Requirement :

To build a parent-child relationship between two sap gui screens.

The parent screen is displaying an ALV grid (using cl_gui_alv_grid class) .

On Double-clicking on a particular record in the ALV , the corresponding details are displayed in the child screen.

The double click is handled(method)by a non-local class.

This is modeled and is working well.

Issue :

When I double click on any specific ALV record, the details are displayed correctly(below) in the

child screen but the ALV record is not highligted/selected in the ALV grid (so this is confusing/no information for the user).

I tried the following :

get_selected_nodes and set_selected_nodes methods.


refresh_table_display .

The double-clicked record is not highlighted.

Is there anything missing ? I have gone through some of the other blogs as well , a double-click is what is required .



[Note : The screens are configured using BDT framework , but the that should not be a problem as the PBO is getting

called again ]