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Apr 07, 2016 at 08:53 PM

DS SDK Custom Data Source Replacing WEBI via Web Service?


Hi Experts,

Below is a concept of goal, that i'm trying to achieve through DS SDK. Highly appreciate if you can share your views on the same.

Goal Achievement - Using Custom Data Source

Replacing WEBI report through Design Studio that contains the Variable.

Lot of aggregated variable containing functions that WEBI has are not available through DS.

Therefore that leave me with 2 options to consume WEBI output through Web Services.

- Custom Data Source - SDK

- APOS (3rd party Add-On)

* Open to other options as well, appreciate if you can share :-)

For now I want to test out "Custom Data Source" approach.

Step by Step Approach

1. Add Custom Data Source as 'web service' and define UI in DS. (through eclipse)

2. Add Another Data Source - Universe.

3. Add 'Dimension Filter'

- Assign Source Data Source 'to dimension filter' - Universe

- Assign Target Data Source 'to dimension filter' - Custom Data Source

4. User make changes on Dimension filter.

- Will the real time changes will reflect on Design Studio.

Is this a feasible approach?

Highly Appreciate your suggestions and concern, thanks