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Apr 07, 2016 at 04:48 PM

B1WS: Unable to connect to the remote server


Hello Forum,

I'm trying to access the B1 DI Server via the Wsdl Soap interface. I followed the instructions from this site: B1WS: Business One Web Services Wrapper

In the word document within the Zip file for B1 9.0 are the latest instructions. Now I'm trying the login function from the LoginService.wsdl. For testing I'm using a WinForm project. If I start the project from the same machine where IIS and the DI Server are installed, I get the SessionID like expected. But if I start the project from a remote machine, I get this error "Unable to connect to the remote server" (System.Net.WebException). I can look into the log file from the DI server (Extended Log=true), the remote loggin isnt logged. What could be the problem?

I have added the IIS_IUSERS the Start and Stop rights and Configuration rights like in the doc mentioned.

I have done some search within the forum. They say I have to change the AppPool PipelineMode to classic. But this does not help, even the loal access to the DI server does not work with this settings.

The Firewall is turned off.

In the doc file and some forum posts is written that I have to add entries to the web.config file. (Set server address) But I dont know where?