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Apr 07, 2016 at 01:47 PM

The sales Unit not under Sales Org error on opportunity



We have a situation where the client's Org structure setup is complex. Client have separate organizations structure hierarchy

a. One for Technical Organization Hierarchy for ECC Integration of Sales Org

b. Operational reporting sales units /org units which are not linked to the ECC Sales org.

On Transactional data like opportunity we receive attached error.

They have the same structure in SAP CRM On-prem and the opportunities does not show any errors. Client wants to move away from onpremise CRM and wants integration to be setup with ECC.

The Technical Organization Hierarchy has all the Sales Organization mapped to ECC Sales organization and will be used for SAP ECC Integration.

The Reporting Sales units are represented in a separate organization unit

Please help us on how to remove or hide this error message, would this need a SDK , which component should be modified?.

Do we have any capability to at least make the error only warning type instead of hard error.




opperror.png (47.9 kB)