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Apr 07, 2016 at 12:23 PM

Lumira Server for BIP Question


Hi all,

I have a question regarding Lumira Server for BI Platform and more specifically, around how its velocity engine operates. Here is a scenario that I'd like more clarification into:

Let's say I'm a retail company and I have a SQL Server database with a big volume of data. One of the ways I can slice this data is by product and let's assume that in my company each product is governed by an individual who only has access to his/her own product and is only interested in the performance of that product. I build a universe on top of my SQL database and in IDT I create a prompt on product name. When I launch Lumira, I get prompted for the product and if I'm the manager responsible for Wines, I will choose wines and continue. At this point, Lumira will proceed to load that data in memory.

Here are my questions:

1) If I have two users who want to use that Wines data and they hit refresh in Lumira, what does Lumira Server do? Does it load the same Wines data twice or does it know user A has already loaded it and just refreshes it?

2) My understanding is that when a user clicks on the Refresh button in Lumira, Lumira Server drops all data that was loaded before and re-acquires all over again. Is this correct?

3) Going back to 1), suppose I now have two managers, one of whom wants to see Wines data and the other one - data for Household products. When they launch Lumira and select their respective products in the prompts, I'm assuming Lumira loads two separate datasets in memory. Correct?

Thank you very much in advance!