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Feb 28, 2006 at 09:49 AM

java programing


hi everyone,

The question is to create textfield dynamically in webdynpro.

I have written and put it in the src- package.


public class End {

class OperationDescriptor{//inner class

String field1;

String field2;

String field3;

String getName(){return field1;}

String getDisplay(){return field2;}

String getTool(){return field3;}

public OperationDescriptor(String f1,String f2,String f3)






private Object[] operations={

new OperationDescriptor("delete","Delete","delurdata"),





in the implementation tab i have written code in wdInit() but i get errors and also not getting methods which are in the file. see the below code


public void wdDoInit()


//@@begin wdDoInit()

IWDNodeInfo node= wdContext.getNodeInfo().addChild("Dynamicnode",null,true,true,false,false,false,true,null,null,null);

End ex = new End();

for(int i=0;i<ex.getNumberFields();i++)


End. /here not getting methods which are in the file/



Tell me what is the wrong in the file or

what is the wrong in the WdInit() method.?