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Apr 07, 2016 at 10:14 AM

Employees not visible in MY Team in MSS


Hi All,

There are three departments like below.

Main DEPT has only one position and which is the chief position1.

Under Main DEPT i have two more depts : DEPT1 and DEPT2.

DEPT1 has ten positions and one of it is chief position2 which is vacant.

DEPT2 has two positions and one of them is chief position3 which is occupied and other position is vacant.

I had maintained A/b 002 relationship for all 9 positions in DEPT1 to Chief Position1 as the chief position2 was vacant for leave request apporval.

When i am logging in as chief position1 in MSS and checking in MY Team View, i am able to view only the Chief Position3.

Is there any provision where i can view the subordinates dept positions when the chief position for that dept is vacant.

I made changes as per sap note : 1604280 - MSS Add-On 1.0: Team view with vacant chief position, but no help

Pls guide me.

attaching screenshot for your reference.




MY Team View.jpg (157.6 kB)