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Apr 07, 2016 at 06:12 AM

ALE error using CREMEAS when sending Vendor Master with Partner functions


Hello folks,

Hoping you could point me in the right direction.

Here is the issue.

I am creating 3 vendors (A, B and C) all together at the same time (a minute apart) with partners among themselves in one SAP instance (System 1)

e.g. for Vendor A

VN is A

PI is B

MN is C

OA is A

For Vendor B

VN is B

PI is B

MN is C

OA is A

For Vendor C

VN is C

PI is B

MN is C

OA is A

These changes get processed and a 3 CREMAS IDOC are generated for each of these vendors.

The CREMAS IDOC's looks like this.

E1LFA1M has Vendor A

E1LFM1M has the P.Org and underneath the P.Org I have

E1WYT3M has partner VN with LIFN2 = A

E1WYT3M has partner PI with LIFN2 = B

E1WYT3M has partner MN with LIFN2 = C

E1WYT3M has partner OA with LIFN2 = A

When I process the IDOC in another SAP instance (System 2), it is saying Vendor B and C does not exist. While the error message info is true,

how do I get the IDOC to process to create these 3 Vendors (A,B and C) in System 2 and also partner within themselves exactly as how it is in System 1?

I would think it is normal and common to have different partners to the parent vendor. The only difference here is that I am creating all 3 Vendors almost at the same time and we have a 15 min batch job that processes the change pointers for CREMAS and it sends those IDOC's to system 2. I am hoping you can provide an easy fix or solution that will solve my problem. This problem is critical in the sense, most of our vendors are partnered to different Invoicing/Manufacturing and Ordering Address Vendors.

Any help you can provide is appreciated.