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Apr 06, 2016 at 11:28 PM

Local filters in 2 reports are commonly shared


Hi, I have got a situation where 2 reports having same technical UID for the elements in Query filters section, I have run the ANALYZE_RSZ_TABLES report to check the consistencies of the tables. It is reporting an error with the shared elements.

Then we had to delete one of these 2 queries, immediately the other query stopped working because it needs those shared elements got deleted.

So now I need to recreate this issue to see how it got happened, when I tried to do query save as, all the query elements in the filter getting created with new UIDs, not sure how those 2 queries sharing the common UID in the filter section,

do you have any idea of how it can happen? so that I can recreate this issue,

Note: Those queries initially created in 7.0, later we migrated to 7.3 now.